By Which It’s Measured

Author: Vincent_AF Author URL: Title: Me In Time Year: 2009 Source: Flickr Source URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License License Url: License Shorthand: CC-BY-SA


The cogs continue to gyrate in harmony
unchanging though forms fail

Time obliges the hands to endure
as time adjourns for no one

There is no sympathy as the continuum
keeps a steady onwards pace

It is what it is

and the job is a necessary evil

Occasion’s past cannot be changed

nor the moment be seized as it once was

As the seconds expire

lessons happen to occur

It’s these experiences that create life’s morals
or so they say

On a wrist

On a wall

On a building

or in a system

Parts will ware and lag in appearance
then eventually break

Numbers will fade
The tick will cease

But time still presses on

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