Author: Tambako The Jaguar Author URL: Title: Drinking snow leopard III Year: 2012 Source: Flickr Source URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License License Url: License Shorthand: CC-BY-ND


I’m afraid for you,

Apprehension concerning your very core

Terrified of time of discovery,

It’s inevitable


How can it not?


It’s impracticable concealing this counterfeit personality

Perpetually without repercussions

Eventually someone will encounter

Your true identity


Completely veiled by deception

Resolve will infringe,

Conveying the real to surface

Only then will you honestly be liberated


But until intent gains recognition,

Loneliness consumes and invents monstrosities

Impelling one and all until misplaced

Uniquely who love largely


Pending is the era

Disappointment cascades upon remnants

Of what was beautiful



You say you fear for me

Perhaps angst persist unwarranted

I rest tending private concerns

Subsequently here you invade with

Sermons of holier than thou nonsense


Frustration grips with thin constraint

How dare you!

I am who I am,

Who are you to condemn?


Fate, if there is such a thing,

Has conveyed this identity

A malicious sentence dispensed

to what was once a free spirit


Damned and shackled to conformity

Loveless as loves death to haste

Sacrificed at the alter

On too many occasions


Still I linger forsaking my former character

All in designation of morality

What you deem as a lie,

I’ve identified as indifference

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