My Soul, the Hopeless Romantic



I know, without a shadow of a doubt

Romanticism what living’s about

For me that is, the why is not known

Hence the proposed incentive for this poem

In love with love, is my narrative’s legend

Lips meet as bodies converge this is heaven

I know my weakness for those affections

Passionate emotions and reactions

eternal loss within impractical magic

My souls forever a hopeless romantic

7 thoughts on “My Soul, the Hopeless Romantic

  1. just lovely Shell. You have such a delicate, elegant touch with words. “In love with love, is my narrative’s legend” yes, me too!


      1. This is my first year doing the challenge, I love it as well! Though, I must admit, I burn out a bit too! I have not been a disciplined writer up to this point. I have been the typical artist creating when I feel the mood. That has caused me to get terribly far behind in my goals and dreams. This structure and dedication to write every day for thirty days is so good for me. I’m glad I took the challenge. I love reading your words.


      2. Yes! I believe as artists/writers we fall into the “mood” trap and call it writers block. When it’s nothing more then a lack of discipline. Maybe we need a support group for writers. Lol. I’m glad you found you’re voice because your writing is so very good. Hope you continue to move forward after NaPoWriMo and keep writing. In November, perhaps consider NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ♡♡

        yes I think I will try NaPoWriMo. November is my birthday month so it’d be a treat to myself to complete a novel during it!


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