Idyllic Birth


Author: Neal Fowler Author URL: Title: Crazy Daisy. Year: 2009 Source: Flickr Source URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution License License Url: License Shorthand: CC-BY

My lover, my friend – bestowed upon us
on this day of all days when royalty
ought to kneel down to the natural world

Today the shining of the sun’s rays flow
on fields of sprays in bloom – the trees dance –
life celebrates for such an occasion

Oh my love, favorable fortunes fall
as the dove flutters their wings with approval

Forever will the wind whisper our names
transpiring ugliness to beauty

Eternity predicts – hand in hand fate
lacks restraint – approaching vitality
with unguarded hearts and by open arms

The sky falls – stars dance in amusement as
the rock supports with unwavering trust

Beloved, nowhere else I’d prefer to be

Eventide advances, though our blind eyes
do not notice the sun surrendering

Ash to ash – commence the cycle anew




4 thoughts on “Idyllic Birth

  1. What an ethereal beauty this poem is! A lovely ode to the earth on this Earth Day. I absolutely adore your words. ” when royalty
    ought to kneel down to the natural world” yes indeed.


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