Narrations Of Old



Its ancient history, isn’t it?

Round and round, a strike or slip

If there’s no edification from lessons

of bygone,


resolve never is fancied skillfully

The inept acquires knowledge to subsist

Trudging onward, survival of the fittest

Only the strong shall permit assessments

at intervals


By right, mediocrity submitting is naught

Reap fruits by progression

Learn from solecisms taken by predecessors

And simply, evolution ensues

3 thoughts on “Narrations Of Old

  1. You have a brilliant style of word that is uniquely your own. I love that last stanza. We must learn from the past in order to evolve into a wise future. These present pains are the edifying lashes of the neglect to heed the lessons in our predecessors mistakes.

    I am trying to evolve now. It isn’t easy to let go of old ways. I am plagued with my thought patterns which have kept me down for a decade. Trying to move out of that state now. Thanks for this poem, it’s a great reminder.

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    1. Thank you. You’re too generous. I’m a lover of words. Believe it or not, these poems literally take me the entire day to write and then re-write. There’s just something that compels me to seize an emotion, dissect it, and uncover every possible way to uniquely express its sentiment. I’ve become obsessed with writing.
      And evolving is extremely difficult. Especially if we had it all at one time in our lives. Falling hurts, but we wouldn’t know how to enjoy life if we didn’t stumble once in a while.
      Again, thank you for reading my poetry. Your poems are amazing as well! I really enjoy exploring your page. Have a great evening!

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      1. the labor of love you put into your poems is completely worth time time and energy! I love that you take your craft seriously.

        falling does hurt. but you’re right about the stumbles being necessary.

        I look forward to reading more of your poetry ♡

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