Methodical Dogma


I love you today
I will love you always
Perpetually you shall believe as I
Behave as I
Execute as your commanded
Without reservations

You will be endured
Exactly the way you are
Received in my home, our home
Come what may, on the contingency
that your faith lingers equal to mine

Dream constant, devoted dreams
Never cast doubt at my authority
as it’s within my dominion to
moderate what’s appropriate
decent –
proper –
fair –
and immoral – sinful

For my ways are the only
Any variation, results in immediate
Guilt will be flung, shame will be
your designation until your unsoiled
Violently if necessary

Diversification will not be tolerated
Today, this very hour, I’m the object of choice
that will force innocence to convert into malice
in the name of GOD.

4 thoughts on “Methodical Dogma

  1. This very post embodies the passion of my ministry. Only the fool professes to be wise. It’s much like the saying “if you have to say you’re a lady then cleary you are not”. Religions cloud truth with dogma and hypocrisy to the point the truth of freedom has become the prison of the soul. Jesus’ name means freedom, so why is it then made to force so many people to be slaves?


    1. Religion isn’t meant to condemn. No matter how people believe, it’s suppose to be beautiful and accepting. So very sad when an entire class of people are publicly persecuted because of personal beliefs, not religious.

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      1. Love is not limited, especially not to beliefs. I find it appalling to think that a whole mass portion of society is doomed to a “Hell” because of not seeing things as a few “Select” view salvation to be. How can a God that embodies love be selective and discriminating? I discovered the answer is not found in typical views of religion but what is hidden within the text called truth. In the truth that is behind the stories is a whole other book teaching the principals of understanding and eschewing the prison we create in our minds that lock us into control and fear. Now that I understand the way to read the Bible with clarity all the anomalies that religions have built their misconception upon are made clear and are in fact not what they seem. The world of Creation is your inner-world and thus the wars fought for a God of love are about correcting the false kingdoms of the soul. It’s a process of gaining understanding to remove the image of pain and misery we craft with our judgments of right and wrong. There is much I would love to share but my audience is limited to people that are not fully indoctrinated by the image that religion created upon the foundations of truth found in everything. I love God with all my being, but I am so tired of seeing the illusion created in the minds of men that is not the reality of what is actually being said by God to mankind written in the lives of His chosen.


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