Let down I am, truth mendacity lays within Extricate this trait


  Caustic Might as well be virulence emanating amidst Enfolding a broken spirit With degenerative liquescent           bones, hollow equally poison diverts Infecting all adjacent Tornado of emotions           extends rampant Destroying remains of           preciousness hatred fester's as love fails Dying breathes with no voice           dissipate Nothingness is void and [...]

Forsaken Tears

    My heart breaks with represented memories of this day Love binds in spite of death,                    though life never conferred a chance Fate interceded and purloined life to ruin All that remains is emptiness where light had once shown through               [...]

Authentic Veneration

      Moments to nurture, kindness within Of sundry roles, multifarious masks Temperament of saints, high regards are held Hailed with words of love, the only true love   Esteem not to be veiled nor hindered Revealed pure as light shone from heaven   Mother ~   Designation of divinity coined from souls and [...]


Fortitude ~ Never once in ageless lifetimes considered air as survival                Bestowed once upon a time, a luxury                               Of endowments                                              Nah,                                                             Treasures Gifts ~ Plot are coarse, thickened of poisons to kill                Yet, cures just as fast, a tribulation                               This curse,                                              Yes,                                                             Damned Pretend ~ Well that [...]