Tear stained pillows



Sorrow drowns the rational as not a soul comprehends
the forfeiture of vivacity

Desperately grasping for anything that’ll prevent heartache,
none-the-less chokes life relentlessly

The harlot is requested to fasten the mouth
while laps remain ajar and expectations
continue to linger

Tiresome it is, digesting the lack of consideration with the rare exception
– whilst appears satisfaction

Seething attitude causes atrocious approaches
with slight regard to perceptions as affection’s
destined for not

Without a single effort to uncover why,
forsaken and lonely –
alone with only thoughts to fret
by scarce or rejected relief

Abandoned for supplementary methods of entertainment
and self-indulgences

Utterly alone consumed with grief that inevitably converts to revulsion
labeled a pissy attitude –
on the contrary,
its nothing more than neglect

Self-centered narcissistic thugs,
chock-a-block with boundless hypocrisies
discarded short of a second thought

Tear stained pillows propose wretched attempts of comfort
though give nothing –
instead all consumes
as if not entirety was bestowed in absolute

Perhaps conceivably triggers affairs of the heart


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