Facelift May 2015

Shell Redone

I’ve decided it was time to get serious about promoting myself as a writer, novelist, and poet so I registered shellochsner.com as my domain. It’s a decision that was heavily weighed and contemplated for some time. And now, I’m official.

To be honest, I’m in agreement with a fellow writer about the words “Blog” or “Blogger.” I really do not like either and avoid from ever referring my website or writing pieces as such. Although, no offense when other’s use those terms.

I spend a lot of time here and tend to be captious about how my material is exhibited. My webpage has been changed to better suit my needs/mood as an author. Now that NaPoWriMo2015 is officially over, I can spend quality time developing a better website with more engaging content. First I will publicize my writing clips and then revise short stories. I will continue to regularly write poetry and add information about my novel, Beneath the Weeping Creeper, which I aspire to be published in 2016.

Since 2010, my main goal is to write consistently and I began blogging in November 2011. I don’t post everything, but rest assured I do write every day. They say you must be specific and chose a genre, topic, or subject to artistically represent. Well my pursuits and queries span across the universe, literally. Therefore, I write about anything and everything that sparks my imagination, creative insight, or interests.

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