To take and own power such as yours would arouse the interest of any vampire, especially the power of the strongest hunter created in over a thousand years.

Leering over the babes crib, he couldn’t help but obsess how she would taste. As discernments are sensitive, it takes all of his might to contain the beast. Never has restraint been so difficult, even for one as old as he. It’s necessary to remember that this nursling has no power to take as of yet, and patience will undeniably be his virtue. After all, he’s waited more than seven hundred years for the likes of her. What’s another twenty?

Since the death of her parents, Valyn Darleith has severed all of her personal relationships, including her remaining family members for the sake of impartiality. Born with what she calls talents, Valyn encompasses powers that are only imprinted on ten humans every one hundred years. Unfamiliar with her true nature, Valyn finds herself drawn into a world of monsters and demons of the worst kind.


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