I miss the beauty in your eyes
– though I’ve never seen them
Cruelty says it’s for the best, I assure all that it is not
– truly the worst
What I wouldn’t give to look into those eyes
Just once
– for it would be for all eternity
I imagine them brown, so light it’d be as if all colors are covetous
Your tiny hand searching for mine
It’s not for the best
– suffering never ends as torment continues
Endured forever
– the memories scar
Replaced by others
Worse than fate that led to this juncture in the first place
To not matter
Easily replaceable isn’t easy to live with
Hard facts
To not be significant makes the likes of you insignificant
– and that breaks my heart even today
You did matter
– never mistake that fact
Our acquaintance may have not met
Fret not!
– for one day we’ll shall be acquainted

5 thoughts on “SILHOUETTE

  1. Such depth of emotion! “To not matter…easily replaceable…to not be significant” modulating into “you did matter” is powerfully tender. Insightful and moving.


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