Certainty of Cirumstance



Thieves thickening into the night

Hindering my line of sight

They do not seem to understand, my destiny

Try to run and hide, my time I sit and bide

Lost to the darkness, I’m hollow in my carcass

So nearby was my happiness, I did believe

Does anyone mind, how angrily I’ve cried?

To blind and holy, left without their eyes to see

A veil of shadows emits

My soul’s forever shredded and ripped


Gone, is sanity

Never mind normality’s a script

I’m the clever one

Look what I have done


Separated and set free

Delineations are fixed

This asylum I must flee

Holding fast to my tricks


Defalcator’s break and scythe

Adumbration voids all light

Surrender be suggestive of, intolerance

No longer am I clean, perceived by the unforeseen

Unwilling to break, dignity they will not take

Satisfaction remains moot

Crushed or not, destiny’s absolute


Broken vanity

Lessons are learned by the torment of it

By and by I come

This contest abides no one


Precious sight purposely taken

I was free walking away

My trust stolen and forsaken

In this life its fate I crave

My time I sit and bide

Await the perfect tide

Bliss, forever denied


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