Reprehensible Duplicity



Lessons beat into my heart

Left alone, blind in the dark

Lost and beat



I’m hardened, disregarded

Defiled in

My ugly sin, wearing

And tearing, at my soul


There has got to be more

Than loneliness

Dreams of light, in my sight, not alright

It’s so misplaced

And still missing

I hear screaming coming from nowhere


Pleaded pardon, disheartened

Betrayed in

Lovely skin, cowering

With nothing more to hide


See me, standing freely

My charming gentle lies

See me, standing freely

Exquisite, sad goodbyes


Such a pity, cares not

This betrayal renders me

Shameful, vile, bargained

5 thoughts on “Reprehensible Duplicity

    1. Thank you. Sometimes the words flow so easily. At other times it’s more difficult to write poetry. I find is a hit and miss. Lol….

      Liked by 2 people

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