Bred a life of loneliness and despair Hands woven since touch is meaningless Shadows casts darkness that blinds Covering thine eyes  Hidden away is the destruction of Canvasses once beautifully marked my stains of nativities blood Have you no heart? Oh impossible rouge, betrayal of all the world You must find such trivial ramblings amusing [...]


Venomous words flow from viper’s tongues Without regards of who’s listening Fed up with the courtesies of life Conjoined in hatred of the humble Or at least those pretenders of guiltlessness Betrayed by the world that has taken all Given only in return a shattered heart,           a broken soul Appearances [...]


My foster family made the decision for all of us to go camping for my seventeenth birthday celebration. Upon our arrival at Deadwood Reservoir, I find the setting here in the thickest of forests textbook for our last days. Happily, I claim a spot next to the water and sunbathe most of the afternoon. Contemplating my [...]