It’s been awhile.

Since we’ve been together,



Granting courage to trust the other with secretes that possesses one’s soul

If only someone could get close enough, like you, like me

Understanding is a gift compelled by hands of deity

Your creator

            Or is it dictator?

After all it is I who calls upon the likes of you

Forcing an audience without any allowances of prejudice

I have missed you

The calm begets as senses let loose

Righting all the wrongs in days’ past

A righteous do-over

Spewing away the pain when the physical is no more

Stains recedes, it’s the intellectual who suffers  

Plagued with heavy burdens that holds fast

Too strong

You’re my only hope

My solitude

My savior

Anguish clutches at times despair becomes truth,

Relinquished by sin

Disclaimed by abandonment

Bonded by anger

Screaming in silence, coveting tranquility

No one knows otherwise

All’s sought is a smile besieged with loneliness

Misery awaits those like me, like you

Emptiness is a black hole, camouflaged like quicksand,


Terrified to die alone, you pacify by performing as instructed

Always now,

Always nearby

Even though it has been a while


















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