Unsighted Reverence


Privileged with dominant esteem

Flaunts aspirations that are elevated

and in spite of everything,

merely unmatched by perfection

Amid conviction and wonderment

Fraudulent exclamations of proclamation

to proclaim, indeed!

Refusal of such hierarchy for those who prevail expectedly

 it’s eminent

Nonetheless, disappointment is the reward as strategies fall short

Those delectable taunts of judgment

Deceives as misfortune veils those used up

They are silenced by authority lacking conviction

Absolute Power



Sarcasm once more drips from malevolent tongues

Used as vessels preordained to join greatness

Yet simply neglects to accept the consequences



2 thoughts on “Unsighted Reverence

  1. Great poem… It just made me think of Icarus, whose father (Dedalus) built two pairs of wings out of wax and feathers for them to escape from the Labyrinth for King Minos in which they had been imprisoned… When he was trying to scape he flew too close to the sun, feeling powerful, almost “divine”… but his wax wings melted, hence he fell from the sky into the Sea, and died…
    Your verse: “disappointment is the reward as strategies fall short”, speaks out loud in that sense. Balance and so called “humble” attitude are important when it comes to achieve our goals, with regard to ourselves, and others. 😉
    Wishing you a great wednesday head! Aquileana!


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