Thank you for reminding me how to smile

                       For that old familiar feeling of happiness

                       For disregarding my loneliness

If only in lieu of a moment of time reminding me

Of how I once was

Of how I can be

By choosing to let go on such rare occasions

                        Rarely justified

                        Rarely rational

Thank you for performing your best while I falter

                        While most unpleasant

                        While depravity corrupts

The spirit now altered, beholds a defective heart

                        Now and forever

                        Now, never ending

Apart from this one day, I contribute my smile

                        This unique power

                        This extraordinary gift

Thank you for the joy when it was thought lost

                        For when it’s needed most

                        For me

Who is lost and forgotten, fallen to pieces

                        And disintegrated

                        And Unknown

For nobody, as no one dares, accepts only the truth

                        Only the lie

                        Only the deception

Thank you for the justification to be me










  1. Hi Shell…”Apart from this one day, I contribute my smile”—I so love the beauty and words of this post! Hearts touch—Eyes mist—and Smiles do exist..Thanks for sharing this with all of us…Wishing you a wonder—full day…Phil

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