Adieu 2016


Fables confessed in unlikely fashions
At times reveal illogical accounts
Tales declared with improbable actions
Adventures in that cannot be denounced
Truths declare imaginations adrift
By virtues of what, fated to be learned
Worry not, stories befall as a gift
For inventiveness will be undiscerned
A myth represents prolific visions
Irresolute expressions narrated
Fanciful delights redeem ambitions
Prose for all transpires and created
Compositions, alike air, bestow times
Poetic justice delightfully follows
Words become life force; deliberate rhymes
Morphemes sentiments, lovely as the rose

As the new year approaches, I wanted to bid farewell to 2016 with thanksgiving in my heart and not the bitterness of a middle finger. I am grateful for the overabundance of words inside my head demanding to be set free. With a passion for books and music, it’s important that I send off this year with happy writings of a poem about appreciating what’s good in life. Happy New Year to you!

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my writing!

Best Regards,



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