Delectations in Paradise

Jubilant temperaments constitute rhythms at long last

Ejected are the obstructions that all but executed imaginative gifts

Truly waited I have,

imperious loquaciousness is long overdue

For there are no ruminations that emanate as candidly

Saturated with pulpous piquancy of a biting essence that expurgates and heals

Enchanted by unsullied luminescence

Encouraged are myths, although banished are compliments

To convey what can be declared, in the instant it is expressed

Right or wrong

Announced are designations enraptured and concealed

While selfishness overpowers my charity and indulges playfully

Carouse with sweet ambrosia, abundant as it were

Allowing expectations to be forced

Yet, there it is

Thy naked self exposed

The pulchritudinous personae who’s been indiscernible,

concealed by nefariousness for what seems like a lifetime,

transpiring perfect perceptions for all to luxuriate

No amercements

only love

for the sake of the lovely

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