Office Bio of the Month – Love Is

LOVE ~ “Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth

all things.”

1 Corinthians 13:7


With the charisma of an American sweetheart, there are many admiring comments that can be said about Jeannie Tinges. She’s smart, kind, funny, and an all-around beautiful person, inside and out.

Being from Lake Oswego, Oregon, it’s no surprise just how laid-back she is and how easy it is getting to know her.

First and foremost, Jeannie loves her family. Married with two children, 2017 has proven to be an exciting year for the Tinges.

In September she celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary with her “Teddy Spaghetti.” It was clear to the couple, a camping trip suited them best for such an occasion. Packed up with the necessities, including their two adorable puppies, Olive and Snickerdoodle, they drove to Stanley Lake towing their RV trailer they purchased earlier this year.

Located in Custer County, Idaho on the Salmon River, Jeannie & Ted spent a lot of time in the Stanley area hiking and fishing. “It was GORGEOUS! We really had a fabulous time! It is now our favorite place! Probably the best summer yet!”

Another special event took place on July 7th, when her son, Justin married his beautiful bride, Katelyn. Of course, the date, 7/7/17 was no coincidence. 

The wedding was celebrated at Jeannie’s parents beach property in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. “What a beautiful day to get married. Grandma and papas house was the perfect spot!”

Jeannie’s 27-year-old daughter, Clare, recently earned her Master’s Degree in Film Editing and recently moved to California pursuing her film career. “I’m so proud of both of them.”

No matter where you are, family is precious and important and no one appreciates that better than Jeannie, “Family isn’t the most important thing, family is everything.” ~Michael J. Fox

Interesting facts about Jeannie Tinges:

She was baptized in the Jordan River, June 2013. Christians around the world visit and are baptized here believing this is the sacred and religious site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Nordstrom’s cosmetic department was her place of employment for fifteen years. It’s no wonder Jeannie looks amazing – she has inside tricks of the trade as well as full access to the products!

For State Farm Insurance, she was licensed in life, health, auto, and fire as well as sold mortgage and auto loans. We can only envision her educating customers about insurance products and helping our community deal with life’s unforeseen possibilities of the unexpected.

One of her favorite things to do is loving on her two adorable puppies, Olive & Snickerdoodle. “Ted named Snickers. I wanted either Opal or Martini!”

Almost daily, she walks and plays with these two auspicious pups. How lucky are they to call Jeannie and Ted their humans!

All in all, it’s not at all surprising Jeannie Tinges is our office bio of the month! Her integrity speaks for itself; Doing the right thing even when no one watching, putting others before herself, and being honest.


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