I had fallen once,

into a dark oblivion of the most serene slumber time has permitted

The void enclosed in emptiness,

with no recollection of consciousness nor perceptions of being

Derived to an end nonetheless commits to embark,

yet considers no motive other than invasive methods to pull reveries out from under a door eternally locked by its author

And as I fell under the beat of my heart commenced slowly to pause,

forgoing the resolve to live

If this was approaching death I should find it troubling


there was nothing

The insight of a credulous acquaintance left only ignorance as existence ceased despite a pending delayed awakening

Only to become aware of a faint indistinct tone bellowing my name

It was a designation exclaimed repetitively by a nurture in revival demanding my response,

only to reciprocate questions in regards the results

At long last,

responses eventually set about disputes as to why

Then comprehension of the significance of being nothing




Unaware of my own presence results in harsh realizations of the inevitable yet untimely expiration of my vivacity

Simply to be so apathetic of one’s erudition of dying

There was no pain,

I saw no light,

nor were there sensations of coldness or warmth

If it were death,

the knowledge of it eluded me

Wariness may be the condition poisoning my considerations in which consequences supervene

And now instigates questions of religion and faith for my experience was of voided darkness

I had fallen once,

into nothing

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