And who wouldn’t have thought,

“all the world would come to a halt the moment

her spark went out.”

But the world cares not for those damaged by circumstance,


not an ounce of virtue to salvage,

not even a hint of the splendor that once immersed even the evilest of men

Life has already deemed ugly and self-destructive,

simply not worthy of saving

The highest personal effort is labored with the best of intent always resulting in failure

Although goodness is the intent,

cycles are broken,

truths are called out,

disintegration becomes preordained

Charity is bestowed without a second thought even though processes are wasted solely because it’s theirs

Love is no more intimate as hollowness gaps inside a heart that once was full

Grace becomes nothing more than selfish excuses to fulfill an insatiable addiction for lust

Yet it’s grace that ultimately brings us to our knees begging for more,

it’s the defilement that injures

it’s the affliction that kills  

There is no mercy

There is no forgiveness

Favor has never been fated nor outlined in the stars,

leaving inconsequential mishaps that have been mistakenly obstructed by an unidentifiable shadow

Inevitability proceeds without warning,

it’s another knockout

One day,

perhaps today,

there will no longer be strength left to get back up and fight to live 

One day,

the ruin will be permanent,

as what was once a spark will halt and cease to exist

A light once blessed with such sweet sustainability,

yet will turn to venom leaving a wake of melancholy to which all will drown

And that,

that will be the day the world truly hates all that has become

That’ll be that day there won’t be any strength left to come back,

to fight,

to survive

And who wouldn’t have thought,

by the time that day arrives,

all the world would have already forgotten



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