Falling down the rabbit hole where all hope of a sanctuary is lost and disorientation paralyzes 

as darkness obscures concealing deliberations and weakening observances

otherwise would have been foretold


Take away the pain,

release these haunting’s that overburdened with acidic air choking my lungs 

            as assassinations take place then refuse essences to go in peace,

devoid is serenity


To apologize is an abomination of the soul

            when admission of guilt defiles fragments so small they become inconsequential,

                       once fallible,

as it were


Leftovers are for those with frivolous appetites running amuck, crazy and senseless

            as the relevance comes to be disposable and default of compassion,

                        though it flatters the vulgar and uncivilized


Impelled revenge for the few who will rue the day when ill-fated paths intersected,

conclusions led to broken and battered of both the abstract and practical

resulting in mediocrity



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