Storms have wrath which pales in comparison to the discharge of dominated passion when ebony skies govern time with the likes of you


A puerile fellow with an ample passion of ten men owns his claim as the day declines and forfeits to darkness, all without apologies while bestowing perfection within the stars


Carnal considerations conquer as skin blazes with the fire of the red-hot sun, an inextinguishable inferno consumes though sweltering sweetness saturates with an overabundance of appeasements


Multitudes of impulses delivered in waves of glorious enlightenment with a generous benefaction of revelations that are ripped from madness by deception so perfect its disguised as lust


Lust or otherwise, senses too heightened for logic nor does it matter as the path of normality is no longer the way and not sought after


Lost within familiar endeavors without care of what will become of tomorrow, ceasing a rare amorous moment to take for granted, yet hang longingly by 


Soused entanglements entertain simple minds absorbed in absolute fulfillment neglectful of anything that shall be of importance


Matter not if the world were to burn and scatter scarlet ambers into oblivion as elation takes those who covet embodiments of sensuality  


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