Let it be, in a world without hope, void of love, deprived of happiness 

I long to die 

If memory serves, yesterday life was abundant, but eyes awoke in a hollow shell weighted heavily with despair

An awful pain claws from within, it hurts to breathe

Sadness suffocates and the veil is much too heavy to bear alone

No longer is the requirement to exist as the struggle to escape is failing


Tragically epic, life failure

Over and over

Try as I might, it matters not for the bottom is where I lay and there’s no way out as this is fate and life is now detested

Cursed is the day of my birth, a horrible day it has become

Filled with hopelessness, drowning in darkness, as evil holds true to its promise

Forbidden is the light that could salvage my soul

Destroyed is the energy to carry on 

The fantasy is trapped in a dreamless state, with no means to recover

Senses are numb and the fortitude to prevail is lost, I just don’t care to go on

Contentment is forever forfeited, never to return, not this time

The final blow has struck, it’s the knockout punch, and I don’t care to fight anymore

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