Are your impressions similar to mine?

Fixed are you to wish as I do?

Ardent desires have been awakened and sensibilities long lost are now reclaimed,

        although compelled a lifetime ago to be misplaced forever

I’m happy



Emergent contentment arises and elation cumulates while together

It’s as if the attraction will never end,

        and it shouldn’t ever end,

for that would be the great tragedy

Thoughts are a novelty and always return to you

Endlessly searching,

         anticipating a reaction of the simplest connotation

Considerations such as these bring about a smile,

        a smile which defeats even the most taxing of burdens

Your nostalgia commands affection,

        challenging convictions,

               confusing sentiments with sincerity

Exertion remunerates the longer we tease fate,

        then again,

               where do we go from here?  

Such deliberations ought to be cast aside,

        as for now,

                I’m happy



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