CUSTER’S LAST STAND Todayz Montana Travel and Recreation 2010/2011


Custer’s Last Stand Reenactment

By Michelle Ochsner

The Reenactment of Custer’s Last Stand: Friday, JUNE 24, 1:30, Saturday 25TH, 1:30 & 5:00, Sunday, June 26th, 1:30.   SEE HISTORY COME ALIVE; TAKE A TRIP INTO THE PAST.

The world-famous Cavalry/Indian battle is fought again this June 24th, 25th & 26th, 6 miles west of Hardin, MT.

Was General George Armstrong Custer a fool or a hero? Custer had no idea how outnumbered he was when he divided his regiment into three parts, under the Command of Major’s Reno, Benteen and himself.  Come and see the legendary warriors, Chief Crazy Horse, the Chief of the Lakota Nation, Sitting Bull the Holy Leader of the Sioux Nation, as they reenact the historical battle with Custer and the 7th Cavalry.

The losses will always linger forever as the legend is kept alive each year in the Custer’s Last Stand Reenactment.  There are markers where the soldiers fell dead, and the spirit of the Indians who died that day still remains across the countryside.  With no documentation from white survivors, the script is based on oral and written Native American stories by Tribal Historian Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow.

The reenactment coincides with Little Bighorn Days with four days of festivities and celebrations commemorating Montana’s intriguing history. Events in the area include art exhibits held in the Jail House Gallery and Historic Train Depot, dancers may attend the 1876 Grand Ball (period costumes required & dance lessons offered prior to the ball), and many more attractions. Come hungry, as delicious cuisine is served all day.

For complete details visit or call (406) 665-3577. Connect with the chamber of commerce at or (406)-665-1672.

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