From the movie, A Knights Tale~

“I miss you like the sun misses the flower”

Nothing more sincere and meaningful have I wrote about or read,

or felt,

in all the world to describe my longing for you

I miss you

Your smile,

such a diversion from a crude temperate world

Your hands,

consequential and compelling,

yet amiable and affectionate

I do ache for you

And your lips,

how I miss those most of all,

tasting me in ways only you can

How I desire to be touched by you!

Your breath is nothing more than a fading memory residing within a dream,

as the body affords silken readiness,

sadly for none other than myself

I wish to see that twinkle in your eye,

as you become aware of solidarity,

you and I

To not have a care in the world,

when grounded,

your arms around me,

granting the sweetest of dreams

Is it possible to ever be there again?

I miss you

It’s dark and lonely here,

It’s not favorable to be so alone,


left to tend myself

I search for kind eyes,

yet none are found in a murky sea of shadows

You are the light in this darkened blacked-out world


perhaps principles aren’t adjusted to where needed

though in comparison,

it simply isn’t you

If honesty is indeed the policy,

then why is the road not yet traveled,

to remain untraveled,

and will forever be

-Why is it not known

-How is it not known

-Why are hearts shielded

Is there no obligation to let go and fight for love

Why is it you’re not fighting for me,

am I not worth it

The duty of dominion is rightfully yours


With a complicated concern,

the old cliché comes about,

as it is practiced for my circumstance;

“If you love someone,

set them free

If they return,

they were always yours

If not,

they never were

Therefore, may freedom be yours.”

Who the hell am I kidding

Free or not,

a slave I remain to an obscured love,

only warded to fortunes fool

Fairness is stolen,

as it’s rudely taken,

left in a sea of loneliness left to drift in the vast of rejected misfits

So that one bids farewell,

to which my heart will never comply

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