Single in the 80s

Seductive almond brown eyes, and high cheek bones complementing heart-shaped lips makes a smile even more captivating when stalking prey

Oh, to be on the hunt, groomed for life’s experiences!

The beautiful art of, well life

To be what everyone wants you to be, to do whatever you want to do

But what else could have been expected of those lessons that lasted a decade

Sitting in the warmth of the sun, your thin purple dress flows in the breeze exposing perfect white skin, driving all of them crazy

Between two perfectly polished red nails, lies an unlite cigarette waiting for it’s mark

Of course they hurriedly scatter and scurry to be the one who gets there first

To be the one who plays today, loves tonight, and tries to leave tomorrow

Can’t you see?

It’s beauty, intelligence, fun, excitment!

It’s living

Life in practice, though not practical when convincing all to be part of this inevitable invasion of encounters

Short-term as it may be, it’s seemless and easy and would never take its toll with blackened eyes or broken bones.

Being the best version of you, as long as it’s what everyone else wants you to be and to do whatever you want to do


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