NaNoWriMo Featured Source Day 15

Today’s resource is Where to Submit, a feature of Heavy Feather Review. Updated every few months, this is a good resource for open calls for submission for journals, anthologies, chapbooks, presses, fellowships, and other poetry-related opportunities.

Seemingly Absurd

I want to wish upon a star and wish it all away

Angst turns into sorrow,

so much so it’s next to pain

Do the stars even listen anymore?

Or care?

Voices get lost in the darkness,

I just want to be ok

Please prove me wrong

In ernst,

begging for it

Fighting for life,

but not to live


Is the answer to simply give up?

Perhaps sometimes

There is no magical hand pulling from the desperate void

Only an all engulfing blanket of darkness so heavy it’s even to breath

The force of infliction is the premise of it all,

without explanations

Wishing upon a star simply is not worth my time and most definitely not the effort

So I’ll remain buried alive in nothing,

yet crushed by everything

as if it matters

Comparison is inconsequential

as suffocation causes temporary interruptions,

sanity flees

Irrational thoughts take over then become actions

Actions that thwart efforts mistaken as good intentions

Turning to dread

To Breathe Again

Mortal heartbreak is unbearable,

yet the era does fade, 

though scars remain as a bias reminder of the cruelest fate

Letting go,

moving on,

isn’t forgeting,

though at times a blank slate would be preferable

The loss of memory is most welcomed during the darkest of times

And yet,

forgiveness of those trustpassess eventually overshadows the grief that once suffocated

Light is brighter, sounds somehow cleaner, and the pins and needles eventually turn into feeling normal,

and breathing is no longer a chore

Help! I’m Growing a Watermelon in my Tummy!

Littles ears have big mouths,
and little hands have big eyes

Use your words
But this is my voice, I can do it myself!

Oh no! I’m growing a watermelon in my tummy!
At least it’s not worms

Mud makes pies, by the way,
only if the rocks comes out

Why does she run that way,
is her brain ok?

If it’s fun I want to do it too
but not if my dog can’t come,
he doesn’t bite hard

Uncle is a jerk,
he can’t have dogs,
cuz he lives in the big house