IF ONLY Preceding conduction or lack thereof, same - same Passions transpire deficient as derisions are made A line in the sand, crossed - always crossed Like clepsydra's, occasion's accidental loss Fates appraised by temporal lengths of time Some of which inundate sincerity with lies, without diligent refined distillation Wishes were assumed acceptable pecuniary consolations An [...]


Today, senses are blinded and defamation's emerge “Everything is going to be alright” Today, undergoes dreadful submissions the expiration of triumphs the cautions of consequences the demonstrations of triviality Today, as conclusions draws nearer, the last hour approaches, bringing with it the expiration of tenacity “Resuscitate strengths of yesterday, for tomorrow is a new day” [...]

Delectations in Paradise

Jubilant temperaments constitute rhythms at long last Ejected are the obstructions that all but executed imaginative gifts Truly waited I have, imperious loquaciousness is long overdue For there are no ruminations that emanate as candidly Saturated with pulpous piquancy of a biting essence that expurgates and heals Enchanted by unsullied luminescence Encouraged are myths, although [...]