Photo by Rene Asmussen on Perception,             a one-sided observation where notice is taken                         yet this audience remains unnoticed  It's passable,              not as if you cannot comprehend                         - choices made to believe certain irrelevance  Information simply to meet the standard Intelligence is irrelevant             when evolution missed its mark  The look [...]


To rest in the institution one settled, presumptions may have been true Presumptions known to mettle, turns institutions into ash and gloom Adopted by relative conclusions, administered through notoriety Perfection was the illusion, as taught by polite societies Those moments shined so bright, like only a fable could Memories held too tight, gone in the [...]


What the hell is going on? Nothing makes sense anymore Chaos imitates superiority disguised as normality Fuck normal The very meaning of the word is alien Everything touched turns to shit Nothing or no one is immune to the ridiculousness of absurdity known as life Toxicity is rampant, therefore, dejectedly in the midst of one [...]


A poet once wrote, “I miss you like the sun misses the flower” Nothing more sincere and meaningful have I wrote about or read, or felt, in all the world to describe my longing for you I miss you Your smile, such a diversion from a crude temperate world Your hands, consequential and compelling, yet [...]