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A Post I Thought Worth Sharing

1. Find your passion. No matter who you are, the work you love is out there for you. If you’re still looking for your passion, ask yourself “What would I be willing to do without payment for 6 months?” Your answer will astound you. If you know what it is, then do it well and … Continue reading


Reflections on blood Have being dreams extracted and purged evermore


There’s no clarity  Unknowing of what can be done Selfishness controls Or destiny as it intends Spiraling downward Lost in this misunderstood  world In need of rescue Reaching out to find emptiness Truly no one cares So death is the one who awaits?

The Situation of Devistation

Round and round, the world rolls over thereupon, without warning the stars begin to fall We are now deficient of all once grasped so tightly, they are no longer near and dear Uncivilized and nefarious are manners of unholy children with hollow minds and love for thy neighbor is extinct nevertheless, all’s omitted to blame … Continue reading

Adieu 2016

Fables confessed in unlikely fashions At times reveal illogical accounts Tales declared with improbable actions Adventures in that cannot be denounced Truths declare imaginations adrift By virtues of what, fated to be learned Worry not, stories befall as a gift For inventiveness will be undiscerned A myth represents prolific visions Irresolute expressions narrated Fanciful delights … Continue reading


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