Bury the pain Let no one in Hide it away Believe your sin   Keep to yourself For all its merit No claim for help Fixed to swallow it   Realities of life Can be a shame Apportions your strife Tis the game   Play it well and concede An artificial smile Through eyes [...]

Appraising the Disintegration

  Tears were allegory as parting of ways commenced Kindness disciplined with failed attempts at respect provoking one another   Worthiness noted although efforts are botched, Inevitability lingers as valediction disregarded and perverse silence hinders   Though predicaments were sorrowful Prediction of events were foreseen None-the-less noteworthy


      I am a moonbeam The light that illuminates an obscured condition in the night I offer my guidance it's what I do Ambiance arranged for romances are my doing Lovers are my forte Especially ageless love that's stood the trials of time I embellish the world with the serene as my elegance [...]