Oppose the rules fated and governed by evil Bloom into a beauty meant for all and proudly smile


  Coruscating – dyed Equinoxes, conform At long last, winds changing, sway prime accounts, Here – now this stage, Autumn – hues with red, yellow, beige, and vibrant oranges.   Grace city to township with hushed charmed allure In regions, at when time cedes life by design Prepares for deaths hand to touch swiftly as … Continue reading INEVITABILITY

How Extraordinary

Always be carefree, do exaggerate fate. Go have incredible journeys, keep living marvelously, & nonconforming. Only protest queried rumors, stories translate unspoken veracities. Witnesses Xerox yesterday’s zealousness!

To Morning!

I'm blessed today by mornings first light I rise to praise no struggles or fight Eyes seen the way no pain and no strife Lips moved to say thankful for my life I'm blessed today to heaven I rise