Let it be, in a world without hope, void of love, deprived of happiness  I long to die  If memory serves, yesterday life was abundant, but eyes awoke in a hollow shell weighted heavily with despair An awful pain claws from within, it hurts to breathe Sadness suffocates and the veil is much too heavy … Continue reading COMPLETELY SPENT

The Lost Sonnet

Celebration accompanies winners With smiling faces, acceptance mock worth Unbeknownst to them truth creates sinners A lie is a lie rear evils rebirth Prepared for an ugly untimely end To the demise of loving charity Who would have thought the gates of hell ascend Words spoken grant not a soul clarity As last breath tells of … Continue reading The Lost Sonnet


Lost dreams, broken and fragmented in a reality occupied by deception and cruelty. Where no hero exists, since the futile day is not for saving. No long forgotten love transpiring through bitterness to conquer anything. Easily discarded, like a piece of common garbage without a collector to put away. Unfeeling Unfortunate Unworthy

Parting is such sweet sorrow

As the untimely end of my latest decade approaches, I'm left with mournful feelings that nearly break ones heart. This is the last week of the first half of my life, and it saddens me to say goodbye. Nonetheless, goodbye is necessary as I start a new chapter. With only eight years left of children at home, I'm in dire … Continue reading Parting is such sweet sorrow