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Reflections From the Disheartened

There are moments in life that change you forever; define you, indefinitely.  Sure, wounds heal, but just as the old saying goes, “The scars remain.” For some, the most definitive moment that has forever altered life’s reality is when the person they loved and trusted most unleashed their aggression and hit them. This life changing … Continue reading Reflections From the Disheartened

That’s Not Love

Domestic Violence awareness can mean life or death, and awareness couldn't be more necessary. Domestic violence does not discriminate nor does it care about your social status. Abusers come from all walks of life and from every culture afflicting one out of every four women. With a Jekyll and Hyde mentality, domestic violence abusers are dangerous … Continue reading That’s Not Love

It’s Not You, It’s Him.

In a recent conversation, I was told that woman have ways to make their partners violent towards them. This person actually said to me that men are pushed into hitting women, "I know exactly what they do." I cannot stress enough to those who are victims of domestic violence; THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO MAKE SOMEONE … Continue reading It’s Not You, It’s Him.

3 Reasons why to get out of bed in the morning

If you ever experience a trauma or hardship in your life then personally you’ll appreciate the advice handed to you in this article. Although it’s not on a silver platter with magic beans that guarantee to fix all the qualms vexing you at the moment, it just may help to satisfy a small part  . There is … Continue reading 3 Reasons why to get out of bed in the morning