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Don’t Waist Your Time on Making New Year Resoluions


Another New Years Eve has come and gone and to what avail have you gone to prepare for the ever so cliché resolutions. Balderdash! Yep; That’s right. It’s my bah humbug to New Years Eve.

I say, “To hell with those silly and distasteful resolutions.”

New year, new beginnings my ars. Nearly 92 percent of those pesky New Years promises will be broken by Valentines Day. So why bother?

The number one resolution made year after year is weight loss. You want to lose to weight? Then for Pete’s sake, lose it already! Enough of the cheeseburgers and TV‘s Breaking Bad marathons. Eat better food such as fresh veggies and protein then lay off those greasy french fries and chocolate chip cookies. Want to crunch on something? Eat carrots, peppers, cucumbers, or snap peas. Lay off those chips.

Turn off the TV, unplug the gadget linking you to the web, and get your bum off the couch. Start with a walk around the block and when that is no longer killing you, make it a mile, then so on and so forth. Join your local YMCA, which is fairly affordable and way less intimidating than most gyms.

Consult your doctor before attempting a new exercise routine. Ask questions about diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Utilize the biggest tool that most likely made you fat in the first place; the internet. Start with the links listed below for help.

  •  is a great tool to use while shedding excess pounds.
  • American Heart Association has a page for weight management with a wealth of information from health, exercise, to food.
  • Google Play has the Walking Mate app you can download directly to your smart phone so you can track how many steps you take in a day. WebMD suggest 10,000 steps each day will take off excess pounds and keep it off.

Drinking too much? Well, New Years is probably not the best time to make such a commitment. If you have a drinking problem; get help. Alcoholics Anonymous has a great website and is a good place to start. From the privacy of your own home you can get the information needed for recovery. If you seriously are in need of help, please do not wait until next News Years to get it.

Vowing to win the lottery this year. Really?  Get a flippin job!  Yes, I said it, get over it. If you need more money then for crying out loud, do NOT spend your baby’s formula money on Lotto tickets! Dumb ars! There are many websites to aid in your search for paid employment., careerbuilder, LinkedIn, and Monster are all great places to search for work. Monster will even assist with building a résumé.

Register with your local Department of Labor, AKA: Job Service. Start with anything and then look for something better. Dump the entitlement attitude. The world doesn’t owe you a damn thing, so stop expecting it to pay you your weight in gold for absolutely zero contributions on your part.

Stats show that nearly 44 percent of you will make at least one resolution year after year. We already know that the majority of those will not be kept much beyond thirty days. Even if it’s a reasonable request such as; I’m going to be more organized, or I’ll be more productive. These determinations are clear, concise, and yet still unattainable. How about vowing to never make another New Year Resolution again?