Neglected I always lose Never…Unaware of hate I've not succeeded Outside uncertain, do I stop? Your constitution is crying from you Listen you, why am I to commendate? We are measured to be different Not now, you won't ever unmanage That affair doesn't extinguish you You are the one who dismissed your departure You are the one who couldn't last You disbelieve that death's pushed into me You disbelieve that happiness is fixed from me Never you can't always listen You've lost nothing foremost me … Continue reading You

Unspoken Lies

  Elation falls lazy I be,   Laze around that entails.   Zeal boy!   Lineal not like zeta that shall elate,   Zany to near boil should the boat float lazily.   The zealot drowned by lien in a thin line,   Eaten by loyal goers in the biz.   Neatly is written the … Continue reading Unspoken Lies

How to resolve conflict

Is your day spent in complete chaos and are you up to your elbows in, well, work? You plug away doing your job while being forced into acting like a complete nincompoop giving in to ridiculous demands when all you really want to say is, “are you kidding me, in your dreams,” or “no freaking … Continue reading How to resolve conflict