The decade has been waisted
Times cruel touch grasp heavily,
     sure to crush the will to live
Today, there’s no sense to make,
     as pain poisons all logic
Brutal are the hands that wound,
     and violently kills love

Damaged, broken, the brides mocked
     a whore labeled unworthy
Children question the why’s
     without answers presented
Assumptions deem her useless
     disposable, deserving

Hands meant to protect, heal, love
     merely offend with a strike
Uncaring notions at best
     concerning a lifelong vow
Vows meant nothing from cold lips
     emotionless, without care

Sacrificed everything
     for nothing but selfish gains
Taking down everyone
     without consideration
While labeling the bride, whore
     a beaten down, foul, whore

Certainty of Cirumstance



Thieves thickening into the night

Hindering my line of sight

They do not seem to understand, my destiny

Try to run and hide, my time I sit and bide

Lost to the darkness, I’m hollow in my carcass

So nearby was my happiness, I did believe

Does anyone mind, how angrily I’ve cried?

To blind and holy, left without their eyes to see

A veil of shadows emits

My soul’s forever shredded and ripped


Gone, is sanity

Never mind normality’s a script

I’m the clever one

Look what I have done


Separated and set free

Delineations are fixed

This asylum I must flee

Holding fast to my tricks


Defalcator’s break and scythe

Adumbration voids all light

Surrender be suggestive of, intolerance

No longer am I clean, perceived by the unforeseen

Unwilling to break, dignity they will not take

Satisfaction remains moot

Crushed or not, destiny’s absolute


Broken vanity

Lessons are learned by the torment of it

By and by I come

This contest abides no one


Precious sight purposely taken

I was free walking away

My trust stolen and forsaken

In this life its fate I crave

My time I sit and bide

Await the perfect tide

Bliss, forever denied




“I desire to be in love like a fool once more.”

Words such as those, bring forth feelings of foolishness. Nothing more ridiculous, yet desirous by means of defying all odds; To be in love. Hearts race, sensations of frivolity, with erogenous unadulterated relations. Drowning in dopamine stealing away common sense to rash decisions.

Smiling at reminisces of smiles and soft impassioned lips as hands converge. Pining for the very thing that is lost, commands pleas of stipulations as designation of someone’s very existence once more. To be adored and treasured once again. Though the request is too great.

“Have I surpassed the excessive allotment of love one is to 
have in a life time? And now, now must life be void of all 

Positioned on the floor, as fundamental nature descends when tears create a river. Obsession over the addiction has seized sanity. Begging for peace, serenity if you will for desire to be sanctified with tenderness from another who loves unconditionally.

“That loves me!”

Recalling times with ill-fated lovers, souls unrest is its own. Love subsisted in perfection. Endured steadfast and worshiped as if one was crafted for the other.

“So what if fate’s tested?  Fate acts like a spoiled child 
with a rotting spirit! Fate is nothing therefore I am 



Darling light of mine

Can you not see extinguished it would be,

if not for you

Known not of true love,

until you were held in my arms

You doubt this so?

Yearn for singularity

absolution when it’s always been yours

Bye and Bye time goes

and takes you further away with each passing day

Alone to my own faculties

Tears enough to fill the ocean

when your pains surfaces

No. I knew nothing of true love

Until I met you