The decade has been waisted Times cruel touch grasp heavily,      sure to crush the will to live Today, there's no sense to make,      as pain poisons all logic Brutal are the hands that wound,      and violently kills love Damaged, broken, the brides mocked      a whore labeled unworthy [...]


“I desire to be in love like a fool once more.” Words such as those, bring forth feelings of foolishness. Nothing more ridiculous, yet desirous by means of defying all odds; To be in love. Hearts race, sensations of frivolity, with erogenous unadulterated relations. Drowning in dopamine stealing away common sense to rash decisions. Smiling [...]


Darling light of mine Can you not see extinguished it would be, if not for you Known not of true love, until you were held in my arms You doubt this so? Yearn for singularity absolution when it's always been yours Bye and Bye time goes and takes you further away with each passing day Alone [...]