The idiots guide to sharing the roadway

Living in a community that is bicycle and pedestrian friendly is both wonderful and taxing for everyone. As a driver it's not just the law, it's common courtesy to share the road with those not surrounded my three thousand pounds of metal and fiberglass. But more and more we are running into not only rude drivers, but rude and … Continue reading The idiots guide to sharing the roadway

20th Annual Fifties Fever

There is no better way to embrace the hot temps of July then by basking in the greatness of beautiful paint schemes, polished leather interiors, and the smell of rubber burnt onto the pavement. This is Fifties Fever, Nevada style. Whether it's a 1923 Model T Ford Roadster or a 1953 Hudson Hornet, you know you have arrived in Winnemucca, … Continue reading 20th Annual Fifties Fever