Not Of A Finer Day

Such an occasion brings about clusters of guest seated so; they await the nobel for a day, and only this day.

White silk and lace flow like oceans of water falls cascading into oblivion, though not rushed.

Anticipation so thick; to move is to feel quicksand, joyously so for nobility upon peasants bestows only once in a lifetime.

Terrified as the escort leads her to new beginnings;  a new life awaits where hopes and dreams give impulse.

Standing ovation for no reason other than the color of the day itself; beauty beyond imagination captures the attention of the masses.

Adoration from all, knoweth or not; awarded freely, as nobility commands respect.

A moment panic stricken, a brief thought to flee the scene; is sensed and liberated by true love.

Eyes meet and all is well as he quietly whispers,  “you are so beautiful. I love you.”


English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...
English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eyes golden brown accompanying a smile to shine

Touches sending chills enchanted that he’s mine

To have and to hold forever and ever

A match made in heaven nothing more clever

Our love unique as friends we are

Above all things passion is far

Unique as I said, ours is what it is

Myself all it is true as I am his

I love him, never imagined it true

He holds my heart so now what to do

Love him and love him as now I’ve no choice

Sweetness rings at the sound of his voice

To breathe without him oh how I cannot

To live without him solicits a lot

He is my husband, my one true love

Bestowed to me from the heavens above