I remember this day, today back then

Every tiny detail; life would begin

For me that is; bundle of joy of mine

For me that is; until the end of time

Only I to celebrate your entry

Into the world we’ll reside as friendly

Never have felt more pain, fear, joy, and pride

Heart of gold, yet a whirlwind set in stride

Special I knew, esoteric you curled

Twelve years past, your light still graces this world

A smile that cures faces of the unknown

Beautiful flowers blossom as you’ve grown

Still you marvel most, all with your smile

The spark you have left with such style

Now you’re twelve and have the world, so it’d seem

A better life for you is what I dream

I love you, from the first moment on

Discovery sets paths to which we’re drawn

You’re my life, true love, pain, and suffering

All wrapped together; worth it for loving 

A birthday wish to you, my heart hands down

Your happiness is, to what I am bound