Lakeside Cottages

One of Colorado’s best kept secrets Getaway and experience the quiet beauty of the Colorado Rockies here at the Lakeside Cottages. A short fifteen minute drive west of Colorado Springs, the set up is beneath the shadows of Pikes Peak in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. While hiking deep in the pine forest surrounded by wildflowers, … Continue reading Lakeside Cottages

Can you feel it?

As the pressure of Valentines Day bears down on everyone, anxiety levels get worse and worse with each passing year. Everywhere you look, furrowed brows gaze upon chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, balloons, flowers, and the card aisle which has an unbreakable blockade of men searching for perfect words on a valentine card. Grade school children are among those who feel the … Continue reading Can you feel it?

Veiled Despair

Stalled and trapped in this scourge of existence. Consistently force to hover over that of which I’m forced to protect. Against everything, I am alone in this fight. To hell with you all as I hate the very sight of you. Gone are the days of the simplistic. Pushed and beaten down in the wake … Continue reading Veiled Despair