As some have guessed, I’ve been writing, creating presentations, rearranging, and remodeling the website.  Clips have been either added or reorganized, posts are updated, and now working on the layout along with slight changes to the template design. It’s a tiresome task yet, important nonetheless.

You may be happy to know after adding more travel copy, my website traffic more than doubled! Something to seriously consider in the future as I’m working on a piece about my travels to Belize and a cruise to Mexico this winter.

Requests for my services have also increased, adding to the workload but as the title suggests, the busier the better. With the weather soon to be changing, I wouldn’t have it any other way than to be engaged with my work.

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy writing, no matter the topic. I become so engrossed in the research, the subject matter turns into an awesome story. It amazes me when information is analyzed and then evolves into knowledge that can be related for others to learn.

I’ve recently signed on with a freelance platform where I find myself querying for hours. At first, it worried me that I would find the proposals tedious and daunting but that is not at all the case. With every cover letter written specifically for each gig,  the more exciting it is to be committed to the page.

No longer does the curser on the screen intimidate, causing anxious fits of writer’s block.  Happily, I face-off the empty page and begin my descent to another world, some other mindset, or delve elbow deep into research of a topic I know nothing about yet somehow convince my client I’m their go-to person. Without fail, I deliver and though sleep-deprived, I couldn’t be happier.

I want to thank everyone for the support, old and new to my webpage. This is a great online community to mingle with and I hope to be around the blogging world for a long, long time.

Best Wishes,




Escape the Every Day Through Wine Tasting in Eagle

Wine Tasting in Eagle


Escape the Every Day Through Wine Tasting in Eagle

By Michelle Ochsner

More than just an indulgence, wine is an experience warranted by nothing other than an occasion to celebrate taste. Even though the affair is celebrated in the most exotic places in the world, one doesn’t have to travel far to enjoy the spirit of wine.

A European tradition, grape-growing, and winemaking are a growing industry in Southern Idaho. Eagle accompanies several vineyards that prepare fertile soil for the ideal root system with winemakers that personally care for grapes that thrive because of the valley’s four seasons. As the fruit becomes dormant in the cold winter and luscious in the summer with hot days and cool evenings; winemaking in Eagle ranks among the best.

Starting with Idaho’s rich fertile soil, vines are prepared to grow the finest grapes and stored to age in ways to create a first-rate flavor. Selecting how to store wine is a specialty of its own. Wines are aged in French, American, and Hungarian Oak Barrels in climate-controlled areas and when ready; bottled with a label as special as the wine it’s self.

Novice or masters, the variety of accompaniments to explore are lavish to modest. The process, by which one experiences wine, depends on many circumstances. With several venues for all occasions, Eagle bids formal tasting rooms (some with food pairing), education classes, and entertainment. Some offer club perks while others are more casual. Many establishments include live music while others have the honor of hosting special events such as weddings.

Many vineyards in Eagle have received prestigious recognition from the Idaho Wine Commission, Northwest Wine Press, and assorted wine festivals. In tasting rooms, visitors gain better insight and understanding of wine directly from the winemaker’s.

The Eagle Food and Wine Festival is a fundraising event that benefits local charities. The festival promotes donations for charities such as the Landing Community Center, Wyakin Warrior Foundation, and Meals on Wheels by promoting the best local restaurants and wineries in the area.

The festival’s contact, Mary, enjoys visitor’s reactions to the winemaker’s passion and enthusiasm. For her, the event brings the community together and provides a good, long-lasting impact. “Eagle has a very special spirit of community that you can count on to rally for a good cause.  We are lucky that our event has been so heartily embraced by not only Eagle but the entire Treasure Valley!  There is a great desire to embrace and support local endeavors – restaurants, wineries, and charities.”

For pleasure, special occasion, or local charitable event; Wine symbolizes culture, style, and fun.



Eagle Food and Wine Festival





Save the Date!

This year’s Eighth Annual Eagle Food and Wine Festival will be on Saturday, September 13th from 6-9 p.m.at BanBury Golf Course in Eagle. This year’s beneficiaries will be the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ada County, which serves more than 4,000 children in the Valley, and the Eagle Food Bank.



Eagle Showcases Local Art in Many Ways

Artists in Residence


Eagle Showcases Local Art in Many Ways

By Michelle Ochsner

Discovering a piece of art that speaks to you is like discovering your one true love. For some, it’s as easy as breathing. Others, walking on glass would prove less difficult. When one does find a connection with a particular work of art, it’s a love affair to remember.

The residents of Eagle are encompassed with art and those that create it. From abstract sculptures nestled in along the streets of the town, to the fine-oil paintings hung in a gallery, local artists contribute everlasting wonderment to this amazing community.

On any given day, residents can walk around town to view pieces placed throughout this quaint community. As an ongoing commitment to the community, The Eagle Arts Commission promotes and creates projects for the City of Eagle and welcomes creative ideas for public art projects.

Local artists have a unique opportunity to express themselves, display, and sell their work at various venues in Eagle. The residents of Eagle selected the artists in 2006, ten local artists created outdoor sculptural benches for the Eagle business corridor. The benches were installed in 2007, for all to appreciate.

Local artist Kelly Beach uses oils to paint and convey a world she wants you experience.  Her work’s displayed at Gaia Studios & Gallery on 1st Street in Eagle. “I typically do landscapes and serious animal paintings but every once in awhile I like to use humor.”

The artistic culture in the city is supported not only by the community, the local government advocates for the arts as well. Among the many occasions sponsored by the city is The Eagle Saturday Market that’s located downtown. Residents can stroll through town at 9:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. m. and enjoy live music, arts, crafts, local produce, and fresh flowers along with herbs and specialty food items.

First Friday in Eagle is a community affair bringing art, shopping, and culture for the entire family. Experience some of Idaho’s best galleries, food, and entertainment from 4:00pm – 9:00pm in downtown Eagle. Encounter dazzling fused glass art at Fusions Glass Studio, breath-taking displays at Finer Frames, or take notice of music while viewing a municipal art collection.


Eagle Mural Project is Eagle’s newest addition to its municipal art collection is located on the back of the Liquor Store building at 74 W State Street, just West of Eagle Road.

Live music by local performing artists; Andrew Coba, Carter Freeman, Justin Nielsen, and many more.


Storage Auctions May Lead to Bounty, or You May Come Up Bust

Storage Wars


Storage Auctions May Lead to Bounty, or You May Come Up Bust

By Michelle Ochsner

Treasure hunting; Mans journey of discovery with high hopes of striking it rich. The excitement of finding priceless items captivates and allures even the most frugal. Storage auctions are Americans latest attempt to get rich quick and these buyers are no different from any other treasure hunter.

A Storage Unit is repossessed by the facility owner in an attempt to recover the debt by auctioning off items found inside. Auctions are publicly listed online with real-time listings and in classified advertisements found in the paper.

Experienced buyers know all too well that the odds of finding that rare life-changing item are slim to none. But the hunt keeps them coming back. However, as exhilarating as it seems, cleaning out a unit is hard and sometimes expensive work.

Winning a bid on a storage locker packed with garbage bags and shabby boxes will almost always cost you money. By the time you pay for the unit, hire people to help clean it out, pay for gas, and dump fees you’ll be in the negative. There are occasions when you’ll find a hidden treasure that pays for the bid and then some; but for the most part, garbage is garbage.

Furniture and appliances are items that will make money. High-end household property with neatly packaged boxes or totes are a buyer’s best bet. The contractor’s tools and scrap metal also pay well. These will bring in the most profit. However, these will also be expensive units because of everyone bids on them.

With TV shows like A&E’s Storage Wars, regular bidders are dramatically impacted. Newbie’s swarm the scene making ridiculously high bids, drive prices way too high. The lure of an event brings more people and higher bids.

Many storage units are untidy and disorganized, so an optical illusion can make items seem to be in far better condition than they actually are. These units will often go for more than $1500.  Upon entry, the buyer discovers that those pieces are damaged beyond repair and it’s off to the dump. These units often fool even the most skilled professionals.

Idaho laws and regulations are strict and with eight years of experience, Meridian storage manager, Diana LaBeau knows the ins and outs. “It’s not like the TV shows. Auctions last about ten minutes and then everyone goes home. State law requires bidders to sign in and no one is allowed to touch the contents until a purchase is confirmed; we can’t even enter. Storage managers go well out of our way to prevent these auctions. It’s definitely a last resort and we don’t enjoy them because some people are losing everything including family heirlooms. Some have lost their jobs while others are destitute. It’s sad.”

Owners usually do not make a profit from auctions.  As a business, it’s necessary to try and make up the loss of revenue and unfortunately this is how it’s done.


Written formal statements are targeted to define an objective, identifying the subject of expertise or study.  These declarations are a brief summarization of your intended communication. Use them as an introduction to your cover letter, bio, or profile.  If necessary, the statement can be broken down and used as applicable details within your resume.

Please view the following examples:


Develop desired educational behaviors by overcoming learning constraints to clearly deliver objectives, content, and assessments using clear concise methodologies.

To create, facilitate, and implement a comprehensive curriculum resulting in a positive outcome not only in a learning or work environment, but to also use applicable proficiencies in the real world.


Vice President and senior leader with 17 years of partnering with CFO and other executives. Responsible for overseeing FP&A and KPI’s.  MBA in finance and CPA Certified with excellent MRP skills including Oracle, SAP, etc.

Strong vision and mission of long-term business operations, goals, and objectives. Execute strategic business practices to gain a competitive advantage.


With more than fifteen years of experience, customer service means each customer matters. I am committed to going above and beyond, to exceed expectations, and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

I am responsible for their success and they are imperative to my success.


Influencing digital strategy teams’ tactical vision since 2002 as VP, UX Designer. M.S. of Computer Science, B.S. in Web Development, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Develop and transform complex issues into effective simple products. Automate scalable investment experiences while collaborating with all levels of the company.

Your objective statement is a short yet effective summarization of accomplishments and work-related skill sets.  To use on a resume, it would be necessary to tailor the objective specific to the job posting. However, most companies feel as if the objective is outdated and would rather see your skill sets, accomplishments, and certifications (experience) within the resume document.

With that said, it never hurts to have an objective statement written for a profile or bio. Even a quick blurb (bragging rights) as your cover letter introduction would be a great hook to catch your readers’ attention.