Take this Horn and Shove it!

The Angry Driver

I don’t often address silly and petty little issues that are to be blown off as you can’t control what other people do or how they behave, but I’m to the point where I am going to tackle the subject of road rage. I realize those who initiate road rage are blithering boobs so miserable they can’t help but bring everyone else in their immediate proximity to deal with their idiocy.

Imagine this…

It’s been a fun fabulous day spent with friends in the park listening to music, eating the greasiest fried food, and laughing to the point your gut is sore. It’s warm outside and you’re happily driving everyone home because you’re the DD this fine eve. Without a care in the world, you three are singing and wiggling in your seatbelts to the music on the radio.

The roadway is extremely busy as it’s not only a huge event you’ve just left from, but it’s also Saturday night in mid July. Out of now where a large tuck, of course, drives up too fast as you get ready to slow down and take a right turn. And you’re not a moron, your blinker has been on for a good ten seconds but what does this jerk do? Nearly rear-ends you while he blasts his horn with fist shaking in the air until you have officially gotten the hell out of his way.

Angry Driver
Angry Driver (Photo credit: SplaTT)

Usually participating in road rage is an activity most responsible adults do not partake in, but this creep warrants the middle finger in which you proudly wave in his direction. In addition to flipping him the bird, you add a tongue gesture reverting to  a five-year old childlike state for a moment.

It’s mind-boggling how fast rude, vulgar people can break you down in a split second leaving you unable to do anything but react like a stupid idiot yourself. And those dumb asses will deliberately go out of their way to start fighting with someone while driving. They honestly can validate any situation to justify the way they behave behind the wheel.

Three days ago, I saw a younger man honking at an elderly woman making a right turn into a grocery store parking lot. He scared to so badly she hit the curb knocking off her hub cap which pissed him off all the more as it rolled in front of his car as he came half way out of his window screaming, “You need your f***ing drivers licensetaken away you old bitch!”

Idiots Posing
Idiots Posing (Photo credit: herzogbr)

This is the point in which I intervened shouting obscenities of my own nearly throwing my pizzas at the dipstick. In hindsight, if I would have kept my cool, like I should have, I would’ve collected his plate number and called 911. He did abruptly speed away as a small mob of us approached his vehicle. The woman was alright and a nice man put her hubcap back on.

God forbid those of us who try to share the road with you nincompoop’s get in your way. You are immature, and have nasty dispositions that will ultimately give you a stroke or shot by another hot-head ignoramus. I have little hope that you dimwitted dopes will ever pull your ever so large heads out of your asses long enough to figure out you are the bane of decent society.