Can you feel it?

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.
Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the pressure of Valentines Day bears down on everyone, anxiety levels get worse and worse with each passing year. Everywhere you look, furrowed brows gaze upon chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, balloons, flowers, and the card aisle which has an unbreakable blockade of men searching for perfect words on a valentine card.

Grade school children are among those who feel the pressure of gift giving all in the name of love. As if a child knows anything of this powerful emotion. Nonetheless, a ten-year old girl is out there at this very moment worried if her crush will appreciate his valentine.

The blame is solely of mass marketing and media outlets pressuring people into celebrating this occasion that’s somehow regarded as a holiday. Valentines Day has become a custom woven into American culture that’s comparable to Christmas.

Legend says that Saint Valentine endured persecution by the Roman Empire and imprisoned for performing wedding ceremonies for those forbidden to marry. Appointed for execution he wrote a farewell letter to his jailer’s daughter signed, “from your Valentine.”

Adapted as the most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day can either make a relationship or break it. Chalk it up to a make up day for disappointing birthdays and anniversary celebrations. This leaves men burdened with responsibilities of publicly worshiping their woman by ways of flamboyant gifts. And for some mind-boggling reason, these gifts grant a full pardon from those who were laid up with broken hearts. As if last years misery didn’t exist at all.

Brilliant marketing strategy!

Since the early 1900’s card companies have raked in billions of dollars

Brides (Photo credit: cheriejoyful)

with their written sentiments. In the 1980’s those in the diamond industry had a lightbulb moment and cashed in on the guilt ridden hearts of all men. The 20th century officially deemed such an occasion for renewing wedding vows and marriage ceremonies.

As reservations are kept and chocolate smiles are painted on faces, participation in the pageantry of February 14th is a reminder that it’s not just another day. It looks, taste, and smells better than any other.

So what will you be doing for your one and only?

Officially Lost

Urban Crosses
Urban Crosses (Photo credit: ramoo76)

There is a blanket of sadness covering our hearts. Many are desperately searching for an explanation (anything)about why a young man committed such a horrid act.

I have turned to God in a despairing attempt to get answers. Listening to Christian radio every chance I get, waiting for a message of comfort.
What I heard today broke my heart. I seek answers about why such travesty’s happen in the first place. I know it’s not my place to question the why’s, nevertheless my mind is desperate to reconcile these facts.

The acknowledgment I got was a pastor preaching about how awful parents in America are. Deeming high divorce rates and absentee patents chargeable for severe trauma inflicted upon children when married couples separate. There was also an implication that mothers are no longer emotionally available for their children anymore leaving their children so love starved that they snap.

Please understand the gunman was mentally handicapped. He had a form of down syndrome, so his mental state had nothing to with his parents getting divorced nor was he neglected. In fact, his mother devoted her entire life to care for her son. She was kind, loving, and a 100% committed to his care and wellbeing. To say he’d been abandoned is just plain ignorant. We will never know what prompted him to act in such a way, still I refuse to believe it was because of trauma inflicted by a single parent household. (Also, I am not saying there is any link between down syndrome and violent behavior because honestly I have not a clue.)

So I’m left here contemplating my inquisition, saddened still with a heavy heart. Why would God allow evil to touch such innocence that were not given a chance at life. Why bless humanity with their souls to begin with? I’m officially lost.