I had fallen once, into a dark oblivion of the most serene slumber time has permitted The void enclosed in emptiness, with no recollection of consciousness nor perceptions of being Derived to an end nonetheless commits to embark, yet considers no motive other than invasive methods to pull reveries out from under a door eternally [...]

Office Bio of the Month – Love Is

LOVE ~ “Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:7   With the charisma of an American sweetheart, there are many admiring comments that can be said about Jeannie Tinges. She's smart, kind, funny, and an all-around beautiful person, inside and out. Being from Lake Oswego, Oregon, it’s [...]

Our Path

The path walked along is sometimes winding and changes, bringing about excitement, from time to time; chaos. Sometimes the path is long and straightforward, possibly boring, at intervals it is the right direction. Sometimes the path seems dissipated, one becomes lost, alone, afraid. Sometimes we are carried along the path during moments of trial, given [...]


Neglected I always lose Never…Unaware of hate I've not succeeded Outside uncertain, do I stop? Your constitution is crying from you Listen you, why am I to commendate? We are measured to be different Not now, you won't ever unmanage That affair doesn't extinguish you You are the one who dismissed your departure You are the one who couldn't last You disbelieve that death's pushed into me You disbelieve that happiness is fixed from me Never you can't always listen You've lost nothing foremost me [...]

Exposed yet unable to be seen

Heavy laden are my thoughts burdened with contemplation of users and takers Diseased with the haves and the have not’s my reality is poisoned by sheer deathly vapors Ruined by the institution society demanded to seek unfulfilled by lingering desires hidden deep in the shadows Pretender, I am increasingly becoming weak as I'm trapped in a dark pungent [...]