Veiled Despair

Give Up Graffiti #ds367

Stalled and trapped in this scourge of existence. Consistently force to hover over that of which I’m forced to protect. Against everything, I am alone in this fight. To hell with you all as I hate the very sight of you. Gone are the days of the simplistic.

Pushed and beaten down in the wake of your turbulence. All too obvious that nothing I do is done correctly as you tread about in your righteousness. Heavy are these burdens lain out to such undeserving people. Who knew you could be so cruel.

Statements I am making? Yes, without question. I implore you sir, invoke the truth and prove me illegit. Odd thing to summon and yet there it is. Barred inside the aphoristic cage unable to break one’s chains. Thy heart is swathed in barbed wire, a supplementary cliché. Perhaps an added statement giving no truths but let us not be fooled any longer as there were none to begin with.

Fearing all things by reason of, these are uncertain times. My anguished spirit has no place here. With eyes squeezed tight forcing bareness to encase me, a wish escapes my lips.

Please give me wings to fly far away from this unpleasant place, or perhaps a distraction to make it bearable. Give me strength from just a small fraction of the universe to yield a strong scion.

Humbly begging for absolution which is not rightfully mine, and yet I am in dire wanting. Once in for all, there is no way out thus we must suffer all the same. Silence interrupted by cries of sanity lost, never to give rise to again. No goodbyes, only bitterness.