I Love You Sweet Pea, My Thug, My Thief

Little tiny tot o mine Gaining much as flies the time Filling my heart full with joy Even at times your playing coy I love you as the one you are Beauty brighter than any star Smart and sharp added too Appreciate all you do Young one loved forever, ever Memories of us together Proud [...]


Beauty doeth not compare nor questions her candor Rarely is perfection out-of-place Only if to bide her time do conditions change Owner of lifetimes throughout the ages; wisdom graces her spirit Keen mind shapes her future destined for greatness Eases into days slowly yet never without purpose

My Dearest

Incredible wonderous young woman made of beauty beyond comprehension who's, Zealous and courageous entering the lion's den on any given day. All loving, all caring; Bound for greatness regardless of the odds pushing against the splendor. Eloquence graced upon innocence, only to show a dragons heart. Loved more than any, cherished above all else for [...]