My Abecedarian Shadow Poem

Autumn shadows are a welcomed refuge, early in season

But come late October shadows are avoided, and for good reasons

Cold winter days creep, making shadows much more chilling

Darkness falls earlier and shadows give in to white nights, unwilling

Eventually the bright white fades to dull grays and shadows freely rule

Fear not, the shadows reign is temporary, though at times they can be cruel

Gearing up for spring can be a battle, when shadows fight for life

Hope, like the sun, rises with every petals bloom, shadows become contrite

Irises, daffodils, tulips revel in the shadows of summer guarding against wilt

Jasmine and roses thrive in or out, shadows are without guilt

Kites fly high with color, casting funny shadows on the ground

Laughter from children fills the air when’s silly shadows bounce up and down

Matched are July afternoon shadows, with lovers for perfect picnics

Night hides the shadows, time to light the candles wick

Overexagerated shadows are cast, for dancing flames

Perfect waltzing shadows projecting playful games

Quickly befalls to the sandman, who the shadow will always obey

Running from your shadow is always a good time to play

Sleeping and dreaming or not, fun shadow play is fine, and too be honest, it’s about time

Time teases a shadow, for it’s a temporary thing

Unlike the Robin’s shadow, time flies with out wings

Vivid memories of summers welcomed shadows, once again falls to autumn

Winter will grant shadow filled skies, with leaves left at the bottom

Xanthein is no where to befound as cold winter shadows prevent color

Yellow, a color favorited among me, shadows not so much bother

Zero shadows on the brightest or dullest days, have no reason to begrudge

This is my first abecedarian shadow poem, so please be kind when it’s time to judge.