True Love Is Suicide

To love and lost is as if death saturates Corrupting all good to which once blessed Air turns to acid as this shell becomes hollow Breaths become mechanical Mind and body fight for survival as the soul turns to ash All's taken including any reason for life Once tear soaked cheeks now dry without emotion No [...]

To Begin Simply To End

The beauty of today has sprung sweetness and joy, lavishing intoxicating nectar amuck. A startling beginning valued worth the golden sun while binding the earth to the sky, perfection in unity dares not compare as holy angels rejoice. Vast grandeur encompasses through and through, accountable protection settles softly for adjustment is great. Significant celebrations in all of heaven [...]

Alone in Death

  Vested in little to nothing keeps all safe while on goes thine eyes,taking all abandoned for nothingness.Care not for no one with a black heart, wonder why callous and cruel with venomous tongue poisons innocents. Silence unveils wickedness portraying beauty, trickster among angels fallen in the dead of the night. No longer matters, words [...]

An Un-Love Poem

Annoying ugly little creeton, lying solemnly in my bed. Get out, get out, get out or I will kill you dead! Squish you I will, leave now before I'm seeing red. Annoying ugly little creeton, crawling about at night. Be gone, away with you and get out of my sight! Paralyzed standing, I stare as [...]